Hipster Beethoven

Hipster Beethoven is hipster.

I Discovered Bojangles (read: fast food perfection)

I ended up in North Carolina for a transfer flight. The details aren’t important. What is, however, is that I ended up eating at Bojangles. Greatest. Fast. Food. Hands. Down.

Why? The sweet tea. It is heavenly. Divine nectar. Liquid of life. It is the most incredible beverage I have ever had the immense privilege of consuming. All within terminal B of North Carolina’s Charlotte International Airport (which also featured rocking chairs, a live jazz pianist, and airplane sculptures…)

(Oh and their biscuits and chicken are both fantastic as well)

A Conductor’s Job

That’s not all they do, is it?

"Choose wisely, walk softly."
"Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument."
Desmond Tutu

Alternate Movie Posters

Best alternate movie posters

The Dark Side

And, they have cookies…

Look Again

Take a second look

Sherlock Holmes

All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage.