About Me

Imagine · Design · Create

I’m Rupen, a UCLA student with a wide spectrum of interests and a simple philosophy



Born and raised in sunny southern California, I always had a myriad of interests. Playing violin and piano from a young age, as well as often “borrowing” my dad’s camera, I grew up with an active imagination.

As I supposedly matured, I began to apply my imagination, taking photos of interesting things, sketch out ideas for a cool video, doodle on the piano. Eventually I started to exercise my motivation to do things, and experimented with photographs, taking photos, eventually stringing them together to create videos. As I learned more about how to take photos, I realized the need to display them as well.

Playing with some basic HTML, I posted my photos online so I could see them at any internet-connected computer. I didn’t like how they were displayed though, so I played around some more until I came up with a basic gallery. I grew interested with the process, and learned more about the internet, teaching myself the basics of HTML, CSS, and even other languages, like Objective C, through the power of Google.

And that is how I began to make things. I imagine what I want to do. I design a way to achieve it. And then I create it. Over the past several years, I’ve created websites for the entertainment industry and non-profits, photographed events and studio recording sessions, shot concerts and experimental films, and even developed mobile applications.

And… thanks for reading!

So that’s a little bit about me. Please take a look around my site. I have a portfolio with some of my latest projects, a gallery with some photographs, a blog with some ramblings, and a page for you to let me know what you think- don’t be a stranger!